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It is important that you read the terms and conditions outlined below carefully, as you agree to be bound by them at the time of registering to our website.  At times these Terms and Conditions may be revised; you may cancel your membership by contacting us at if you disagree with those revisions.

We recommend reading the FAQs also! There is much useful information about products, the auctions, shipping and so on!

The terms and conditions are as follows:






  • •   You must be a registered member of our website in order to place bids on the auctions.

  • •   You must be 18 years or older to become a member of this website.

  • •   You cannot become a member of this website if you are an employee of BidShine or a relative of an employee.

  • •   Membership is only available for personal use; it cannot be used for commercial purposes or by retailers.

  • •   If it is suspected that a user is purchasing products for retail purposes, BidShine reserves the right to restrict users from bidding, and also reserves the right not to ship products to such users.

  • •   Membership of this website is open to the whole world! Anybody can register, but please be aware that we only can ship products to 26 countries in the European Union (see the list in the FAQ section). All members must be able to supply a local address for their PayPal account. If you win, or purchase a product and would like us to ship it to another address (relatives, friends, etc.), you need to supply the name, the exact delivery address, contact phone number of the recipient to us on the e-mail address. Naturally, you need to notify the recipient also to wait for the product.

  • •   Only one membership per person is allowed.

  • •   Only one account is allowed per membership. Residential addresses must be used when joining (P.O. boxes, Locked Bags, or similar arrangements are not permitted). Any misleading or falsified information can result in membership cancellation.

  • •   At the time of registering you need to choose your own username, that must not be offensive, insulting, indecent nor a name promoting another website. BidShine reserves the right to change any username if it feels is inappropriate in any way.

  • •   Membership can only be used by the member holding that account, it is not transferable and cannot be sold to another person. Do not allow others access to your member name and password as you are responsible for any action taken whilst logged in. Notify us if you become aware of any unauthorized use of your member name and password, and you will be issued with a new member name and password.

  • •   No external software that allows you to place automatic bids will be allowed. BidShine reserves the right to cancel any user’s account if it has suspicions of such software being used. BidShine also reserves the right not to send products to any user who uses such software.

  • •   If it is suspected that a member has used unfair means to win an auction, BidShine has the right to disqualify the member and/or his winnings. BidShine shall not be liable to return any bids nor are we liable to reimburse any monies used to purchase bids or products.

  • •   BidShine will not be held responsible for any loss you may incur as a result of BidShine taking any actions as outlined above.







  • •   Members are able to place bids for merchandise at the auction site. Members must purchase bids in advance before being able to place bids on merchandise, BidShine reserves the right to vary the fee for bids, when it feels it is necessary to do so. This will not affect any unused bids already purchased by members.

  • •   Should a bid payment not be honoured by a member’s financial institution, a returned payment fee will be charged to the member to cover the additional administrative costs incurred to BidShine. We reserve the right to block access to the member’s account until payment in full of the invoice amount, including any fees due for returned payment.

  • •   Members are also able to purchase merchandise by selecting the “Buy Now” option. If you use this option, you may purchase the merchandise for the “value” specified. You cannot start bidding on a specified piece of merchandise and then switch over to the “Buy Now” option. Shipping and handling fees are charged in connection with the “Buy Now” option.

  • •   You may request a refund of the cost paid in advance for any Credits that you have not placed at any time, but a written request must be made on the e-mail address for refunds. Free bids and any fees paid for any bids that you have placed on auctions are not refundable.

  • •   Whether bids are placed manually or you use BidShine’s automatic bidding facility, all terms and agreements still apply.

  • •   You agree to pay all fees required in connection with any bids placed by you.

  • •   The price of the merchandise increases with each bid you place (usually 0.01 – 0.05 GBP). The remaining time resets by 10 - 20 seconds each time a new bid is placed. When a bid is placed, it is deducted from the member’s bidding account. All of these values are clearly visible on the auction’s page.

  • •   When no more bids are received and the auction time expires, the auction for that item is closed. BidShine allows an additional 5 seconds for bids to reach our servers before closing the auction, to allow for geographic distances.

  • •   When bids are entered in our database, they become valid. BidShine is not responsible for any errors that may occur from your Internet connection or causes beyond our control. This also includes any outdated information on bids or incorrect countdown of the remaining time.

  • •   BidShine reserves the right to open closed auctions, to change the bidding time of any on-going auctions or to pause all auctions if any suspicions arise of disruptions in operations.

  • •   Engaging in fraud, manipulating the price, or working in with other members to try and manipulate the price of any merchandise will result in cancellation of your membership.

  • •   BidShine reserves the right to cancel any auction where the auction price does not reach 5% of the retail price of the product. If this occurs, all bids already placed on that particular item will automatically be refunded back to those members’ accounts who placed the bids.

  • •   If you use the “Buy Now” option, the contract to buy merchandise will not proceed until we have reviewed and accepted your order. BidShine reserves the right to decline an order where we believe we have reasonable grounds for doing so. You will be notified as to whether we have accepted or declined your order.

  • •   BidShine reserves the right to limit the number of items a member can win or buy. Also reserves the right to restrict the number of a specific product type a member can win or buy. Placed bids in other auctions will not be refunded.

  • •   The auction ends when the auction time has expired. The user who is the last to bid wins the product. All other bids on the item expire and will not be refunded.

  • •   The last bidder is determined by BidShine’s database. In the event of any dispute occurring, it is BidShines’s decision on who is the last bidder and that decision shall be final. It is necessary that the user understands the auction type. There are several types of auction and it is the user’s responsibility to read it before consider to participate. No refunds shall be made in the event of the user ignoring the information supplied before participating.

  • •   BidShine reserves the right to withdraw an offer after 7 days unless the winner contacts BidShine with a reason to delay payment and BidShine agrees to hold the item. In the event that the winner has not paid nor confirmed an interest to exercise the option to purchase the product within 7 days of the auction ending, the option to purchase the product expires. In the event of the expiration of the option to purchase the product, the winning user’s right to ownership and delivery of the item will be permanently revoked. There is no entitlement to refund bids once the auction has ended, even if the winner does not exercise their option to purchase.




Breaching our Terms and Conditions may result in:



  • •   Revoking any winning bid that you have made and awarding the auction to the member with the second highest bid. BidShine will refund the value of the winning bid, but not for any of the other bids;

  • •   Cancelling any “Buy Now” orders you may have placed but have not yet been delivered. You will be refunded for the price you have paid us for the merchandise;

  • •   Suspending, terminating or restricting your membership, in which case you will not be allowed to apply for new membership.

  • •   If you win the auction, but no longer wish to proceed with the purchase of the merchandise, you may contact us at to cancel your winning bid. If you do so, BidShine will refund you the winning bid, but not any other bids, and will award the auction to the member with the second highest bid.







  • •   BidShine has an automatic bidding facility for the time that you cannot be at the front of your computer. The Robot needs 2 values to be entered: the winning price of the product and the number of Bids that you allow it to use up. Naturally, you have to purchase enough Credit upfront to be able to set up the Robot. When you create your Robot the number of Credits will be transferred to the Robot from your account. Unused Credits will be returned to your account as soon as the auction ends regardless who won the auction. Unused Credits also will be returned if you delete your Robot while the auction is still running. There is no limitation on the number of auctions to create the Robots for, but please remember the number of winning and purchasing is limited.

  • •   The Robot tool allows bidders to bid on an auction even if they are not online at that time. Only registered users can submit bids automatically with one or more Robots. The Robots automatically submit bids according to the parameters set in advance by the user. The user can read about how the Robot operates in the “FAQ” section. The user is prohibited from using bidding software not authorized by BidShine, and doing so will result in immediate disqualification without refund.







  • •   You agree to pay the purchase price, or the winning price specified on the website at the time of purchase when you win the bid or use the “Buy Now” option.

  • •   The value of the products listed on our website is the average price offered by our local suppliers. We cannot guarantee that a corresponding product is available elsewhere at the same, lower or a price.

  • •   You will be required to pay for all merchandise via Paypal.

  • •   Auction payments must be received within 7 days from the close of the auction. “Buy Now” payments must be received within 30 minutes from the click of the button. Merchandise will not be delivered until payment has been received.

  • •   All prices include VAT.







  • •  In the case of a valid cancellation, the user must return the entire product in the condition it was received, together with all warranties and paperwork.

  • •   If the user is unable to return to us the product received or is only able to return it in part or in a depreciated condition, the user will have to pay compensation to BidShine, to cover the loss of value, unless the deterioration resulted from unavoidable use or as a result of a manufacturing fault.







  • •   While we endeavour to avoid technical and other errors, from time to time such errors do occur and it may result in cancellation of an auction or a “Buy Now” sale that we have accepted in such circumstances. If this occurs, BidShine will refund all bids placed on that auction, and any price you have paid to us for the relevant merchandise. These Credits will be refunded manually.

  • •   BidShine is not responsible for any unforeseen technical errors or vis mayors such as power failure, natural disasters, strikes, or any other circumstances that effect the operation of our website or product delivery in the given countries in the FAQ section. BidShine is not reliable for any damages occurred from the above mentioned reasons.

  • •   Should BidShine suspect that an unlawful action or actions against its Terms and Conditions brought the service down; it has the right to investigate the matter and take legal action against the perpetrators.

  • •   Other technical errors:
    Some of our scripts run on the user’s computer, like the time countdown, page refreshing function, etc. Bidshine is not responsible for any problems or errors that occurred on the user’s computer during browsing or placing a bid. It is the user’s responsibility to have a correctly set up computer with an adequate Internet speed and the latest versions of Internet browsers. BidShine is not reliable for any compensation or damages occurred in the user’s computer.







  • •   Deliveries will be made from our supplier’s warehouse.

  • •   Merchandise will be shipped within 7-15 days of receiving payment; however unexpected demand or unforeseen supply problems may occasionally result in merchandise being unavailable. If a delay in shipping your order occurs, BidShine will notify you as soon as possible. If this occurs and you wish to cancel your order prior to merchandise being shipped, you can do so by notifying us.

  • •   As BidShine works with trusted delivery partners to ensure the best possible service and widest reach, all delivery estimates are for information only and do not constitute binding agreements. The winning user should report any obvious damage to the item or packaging during transit to the carrier, if the item is damaged it should be refused, not signed for. If you wish to claim for concealed defects or damage after signing for an item, you must inform us about the damaged or faulty goods within 3 days of receipt. BidShine cannot accept responsibility for damaged or faulty goods once 3 days have lapsed.  In all cases, you must inspect your item at the time of receiving or immediately after delivery. Failure to raise a query with BidShine concerning a damaged or incorrect item within 3 days of delivery constitutes acceptance of the item as is. BidShine does not accept liability for damage or failure of products due to neglect or misuse by the recipient.

  • •   In the event that BidShine’s delivery partners are not able to deliver the item within a reasonable time, BidShine shall be entitled to offer the winning user a substitute item with comparable or better features, or to set aside the contract through rescission and offer a refund of any payments received for the auction item. This does not affect the user’s statutory rights.







  • •   There is no possibility to return any purchased products, unless it is a wrong product, damaged inside the original package, or faulty. You should contact us within 3 days of delivery if you wish to return any products for the above reasons, or have any complaints in relation to a product purchased through our website. If you don’t wish to buy your winnings, you can always cancel it in writing to an e-mail address!

  • •   The items are supplied on the basis that they are reasonably fit for any reasonable purpose to which the winner may put them and subject to what is authorized by the manufacturer in the instruction manual.

  • •   The item descriptions on the BidShine website are provided according to the best of Bidshine’s knowledge and belief and do not constitute contractually stipulated features and characteristics, but rather serve only to provide information to the user. Images of products on BidShine may differ from those actually supplied.

  • •   The user has the right to return a faulty item within a reasonable period of time, but must first contact BidShine within 3 days of delivery. The user must accompany all the manufacturer’s warranty together with the product being returned, as this may be needed for warranty issues. In the unlikely event that you have a faulty item, the user may find it quicker and easier to contact the manufacturer or supplier directly so that they can rectify the problem.

  • •   If you find that BidShine has sent you an incorrect item, please contact us at A BidShine Customer Service representative will then contact you with instructions on how to return the item. If the instructions provided by BidShine are followed, there will be no charge for the return. BidShine will arrange a replacement to be sent for the user as soon as the original item is returned.







  • •   Claims for damages by the user against BidShine, its legal representatives, employees, vicarious agents or parties who assist in performance are prohibited.

  • •   BidShine shall not be liable for faulty operation of the user’s computer hardware or software during bid submission and for incorrect or overly slow transmission of bidding data by the internet service provider. Should such an event occur, the bidder shall have no legal rights over the item.







  • •   All product s are new and sold with the manufacturer’s limited warranty only. Standard warranty period vary from product to product (1 to 3 years). BidShine warrants solely that the products sold to the user under these terms shall have the characteristics specified in BidShines’s specifications for such products and assumes no further warranted. The warranty period and service varies by manufacturer and product.

  • •   BidShine shall not be liable for personal injury and property damage resulting from the improper handling, modifications, misuse of the products by the customer or any other person following delivery.







  • •   When using the website, you must not provide inaccurate or incomplete information to Bidshine; violate any applicable laws, or use this website for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by our terms and conditions; impersonate any person; distribute viruses, corrupt files, or any other similar software programs that may damage the operation of any computer hardware or software; collect or store personal data about other users of this website; or engage in any other conduct that inhibits any other person from using or enjoying this website.




These Terms & Conditions has been updated on: 4th of August, 2011

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